‘Centrum Gewichtszorg’

The ‘Centrum Gewichtszorg’ at the Jan Palfijn hospital is a multi-disciplinary expert centre for obesity treatments, led by Dr Veerle Van Vlodrop, gastrointestinal surgeon specialising in bariatric surgery (obesity surgery).

Obesity is a chronic disease, caused by several underlying factors. That is why we strongly believe in a multi-disciplinary approach, using our experts’ knowledge to offer you as a patient the best possible treatment plan.

Thanks to our extensive patient care and follow-up, before as well as after treatment, you are given the best opportunity possible for lasting and healthy weight loss. 


AZ Jan Palfijn Gent is a general public hospital with 526 beds. This hospital holds a strong position regionally and employs over 1,000 doctors and staff. Apart from the generic care offer, AZ Jan Palfijn Gent also focuses on several specialist therapies and disciplines.

The history of AZ Jan Palfijn Gent dates back to the middle ages. The hospital underwent profound renovations between 2012 and 2014, to become a high performance and future-oriented health care institution.